Tuesday, December 15, 2009

where it began

let's pretend we're not needy
let's pretend our hearts still beat
let's pretend we fall in love tonight
clumsy enough to fall for anything
we'll stumble on our wordsburst-and-bloom
we'll spill our guts on creaking bar stools
below the neon blue......
the above lyrics penned by cursive's tim kasher on their 2001 EP release entitled Burst and Bloom were the catalyst of my addiction...an addiction of finding music with integrity and a vital option other than FM radio. my love of music did not begin with cursive, and it certainly will not end with them; however, they brought me out of the late 90's radio haze.

my friends and i send out multiple emails per day.  most of these emails are links of music reviews, video clips, breaking tours, and bat-shit funny articles. i am creating this blog to archive and chronicle these electronic, yet essential, interactions between friends.  my hope is that everyone will log on and leave comments about posted lists, clips, and random pop culture. in turn, we can continue to debate all of this on the weekends, in our favorite haunts, while shouting over creaking bar stools.  enjoy!

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